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VISMA - Vrajbhoomi International School - Mogar, Anand
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    Visma Hostel rules and regulations


  • All the Students will follow the rules and schedule of the Hostel unless exempted on medical grounds or recommendation of the Warden.

  • No Student will be allowed to enter the hostel during School hours without permission.

  • Students will not be allowed to keep medicines/tonics without the permission of Warden.

  • Electrical Gadgets like heaters, Kettles, irons or any other such appliances will not be allowed in the hostel.

  • Cupboards will be arranged neatly. Surprise checking will be done by Hostel Warden. Any extra items, other than those mentioned in the ‘hostel kit’ will be confiscated.

  • Students will be allowed 4 leaves per term.

  • Entry for Students after leave or holiday will be before 7 pm in hostel. A fine of Rs. 1000 will be charged per day in case of Student not reporting on time.

  • Students who cannot report promptly after leave or holidays should inform the warden before at least 5 days in writing or through Parent’s email before taking leave or holidays.

  • Any application for attending marriages, functions or any other eventuality during the school term will not be entertained unless it pertains to the parents or siblings.

  • Parents or local guardians may visit their wards only on weekend, once a month. Parents or guardians are not allowed to visit the rooms or any other area of hostel without permission. They will meet their wards in visitor’s room. It is necessary to take prior permission before the visit.

  • Parents or Guardians are allowed to stay with their ward for a weekend, once a year. It is necessary to take prior permission before the stay.

  • Parents along with siblings or local Guardians may join the birthday party of their ward. Under no circumstances will they be allowed to bring food or gifts for their ward. Please inform us about your visit well in advance.

  • Parents or local guardians can contact their ward on hostel phone for 10 minutes between 10.15am to 12.00 pm OR 7.30 to 9.00 pm on every Sunday.

  • Students will not be allowed to keep any gadgets like mobile phones, I-pods, walkman, video games, camera etc. A fine of Rs. 5000 will be imposed on defaulter and the gadget will be confiscated.

  • Students involved in fights, drugs, alcohol, stealing and indiscipline can incur automatic expulsion.

  • Damage done to hostel property will be paid at the discretion of warden.

  • Phone Calls made by Students will be charged to their Account.

  • Students will not be allowed to keep any money, gold ornaments or eatables with them.

  • Parents wishing to withdraw their wards from the hostel in the middle of the session will have to pay the full fees for the whole session.

  • There will be no refund of  any fees ( Not even when a student is expelled or suspended from the School)

Students are requested to bring the following items:

Hostel Kit

  • Shoes for going out on excursions

  • Slippers and floaters

  • Comb

  • Oil

  • Shampoo

  • Shoe polish

  • Tooth brush

  • Toothpaste

  • Cold cream

  • Talcum powder

  • Socks

  • Under garments

  • Ruck sack bag

  • Soap

To be provided by us

  • 2 pair of night dress

  • 2 pair of sports dress

  • Bed sheet, pillow and blanket.


  • Only those persons will be allowed to become local guardians who are employed and live in a family environment.
    These rules will be strictly adhered to by the Hostel Wardens.

  • A Certificate from the local guardians, accepting responsibility for the hostel student, and permitting the student to stay with him / her during sickness.

  • Parents are requested to give photographs of people who will come to visit or pickup their child. Under no circumstances will the student will be allowed to meet or go with anybody else.

Vrajbhoomi International School

Nr. BAL AMUL, N.H.NO. 8, MOGAR - 388 340, ANAND Ph No. : +91-2692 650 530 / 651 731