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VISMA - Vrajbhoomi International School - Mogar, Anand
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Why ‘SEVA’? About the project Our belief Our mission Vision Donate to Us
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Why ‘seva’?
Poor people can’t think about education or excellence in education when their top priority is to survive. They can’t think about books when hunger, shelter and clothes are issues that need attention. Most of us do feel sad, when we see poverty around us and we feel that poor kids also deserve a chance in life. But, then how many of us try to do something about it? Many of us know why they are poor, but how many of us have made any effort to bring about a change?

We believe that “What you leave behind is not what is engraved on the stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others” This is why Seva……
About the project:
We feel that every child should have access to good education. They should be able to focus on it without worrying about their survival and day to day issues. ‘Seva was initiated by Vrajbhoomi foundation, which focuses on giving education and home to kids who are below poverty line, who live in a society and atmosphere which is not conducive to education.
Our belief:
All children should be given an opportunity to succeed in life. They should be able to stand as an equal in society. We believe that it is easier to build strong children than repair broken men. The cost of educating children is far outweighed by the cost of not educating them.
Our mission:
Provide shelter, education and environment that help a child to have a better future.
We want to create good human beings. We want each child to feel good about him and should excel in the field of interest along with academic progress.
Our appeal to you:
Path to service or selfless service is difficult. It is available to a select few. We are blessed to be amongst those. Any endeavor today requires money to help it to completion and then sustain itself. Many have helped us in our efforts to reach this stage. We ask for your help to take it further.

Monetary Donation

Complete sponsorship of a child                                                        Rs.50,000/- per year
Part sponsorship of a child                                                                 Rs.30,000/- per year
Educational sponsorship of a child                                                      Rs.25,000/- per year
Sponsor a child’s meals                                                                     Rs.15,000/- per year
Sponsor the boarding of a child                                                          Rs.  7,000/- per year
Sponsor the stationary of a child                                                         Rs.  5,000/- per year
Sponsor the medical needs of a child                                                  Rs.  3,000/- per year
Sponsor a meal for all children                                                            Rs.  1,000/- per day
Sponsor educational outing of 10 children                                           Rs.15,000/- per year
Sponsor a day at Seva                                                                       Rs.  5,000/- per day
Sponsor a bed with mattress, pillow and bed sheets for a child            Rs.  7,500/-     
Sponsor educational activities of a child                                              Rs.  6,000/- per year
Sponsor clothes for a child (4 to 11 years old)                                    Rs.  5,000/- per year
Sponsor toiletries                                                                               Rs.  5,000/- per year

Vrajbhoomi International School

Nr. BAL AMUL, N.H.NO. 8, MOGAR - 388 340, ANAND Ph No. : +91-2692 650 530 / 651 731